Home Office Set Mug Ming Dragon and Vase

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Art.-No.: 33A221-C5552-1

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While the desk at home was still a practical nice-to-have until the beginning of 2020, the home office became an essential part of the own home. In order to create a perfect space for creative ideas in your home, MEISSEN presents new home office sets. The home office set "Mug Ming Dragon and Vase" is an ideal example for the fact that Europe's oldest porcelain manufactory implements modern design trends in the highest porcelain quality. Consisting of a mug and a vase made of Meissen porcelain, the home office set "Mug Ming Dragon and Vase" provides elegant design elements in your home office. The mug "Ming Dragon" is the ideal companion for the first morning skimming over e-mails, while the white vase is a stylish highlight on your desk. Give away a home office set made of Meissen porcelain to beautify the everyday office life of your loved ones.
product details
Art.-No.: 33A221-C5552-1
Year of Creation: 2021
Weight: 575 g
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