Limited Masterworks 2011 Vase East Asian Flower Painting

Art.-No.: 597384-50487-1


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At the beginning of the work, the porcelain is only a raw lump, from which three individual forms are perfectly turned by hand and finally joined seamlessly to form a whole. After the first firing, in this type of painting the cobalt blue is first "stacked" onto the glaze and the vase is fired a second time at approx. 1400 °C - the blue begins to glow. The painters add iron red and turquoise to the already fired cobalt on the glaze. The true colours appear with the gilding only after the third firing. The still dull gold is polished with an agate pencil. This vase is modelled on extremely rare vase specimens from the collection of Augustus the Strong, dated to the Chinese Kangxi era (1662-1722).
product details
Art.-No.: 597384-50487-1
Limitation: 25
Height: 69 cm
Diameter: 31 cm
Weight: 11800 g
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