Meissen Collage Love Birds Coffee-Set, 3 pcs

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Art.-No.: 79A532-C3604-1

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The 4-piece "The MEISSEN Collage Love Birds Coffee-Set" consists of two Cups with Saucers and two Starter and Dessert Plates. The modern, opulent set is decorated with the "Love Birds" décor, which makes the colourful crane its protagonist. Due to the filigree colour shades of its plumage, it floats particularly gracefully across the plates of the Coffee-Set. The design of the messenger of happiness comes from the rich décor archive of the manufactory. The Coffee Cups, on the other hand, are decorated by a painting that quotes the flowers of the iconic Onion Pattern. Thus, the "The Meissen Collage Love Birds Coffee-Set" combines traditional historical patterns with modern abstracted heart shapes to create a décor that bears witness to the originality and innovation of the Manufactory. Meissen - a very special gift.
product details
Art.-No.: 79A532-C3604-1
Decor: Love Birds
Designer / Artist: Meissen Atelier
Year of Creation: 2019
Weight: 1350 g
Dishwasher-Safe: yes
Suitable for Microwaves: yes
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