Your customised porcelain painting from Europe’s most celebrated manufactory: unique works of art in Meissen Porcelain®

Would you like to have a set of tableware designed to your own personal wishes and ideas by our Meissen Porcelain® painters?

Or do you have a picture that you would like to see immortalised on a plate or mural in Meissen Porcelain®?

Or would you like to have a figural sculpture created in Meissen Porcelain® to a specific graphic source?

We will also be pleased to adopt customised motifs from the various MEISSEN® pattern ranges such as landscape painting, flower painting, animal painting, figure painting or portrait painting for you.

Have a word with us; we will be glad to advise you in our MEISSEN® Boutiques or else personally under the following telephone number: +49 (0)3521 468 6650.