Expert assessments and certificates


Are you intending to acquire a valuable porcelain and are not quite sure whether it is genuine Meissen Porcelain®?

If so, we would recommend that you only buy Meissen Porcelain® in MEISSEN Shops or from authorised MEISSEN trade stockists. There will be a certificate enclosed with any porcelain you purchase there, notably where limited-edition MEISSEN products are concerned.

We can, of course, draw up such certificates for you once we have scrutinised the piece if you so require - if the originals have been mislaid for instance.

If you are interested in receiving authoritative confirmation of older porcelains not purchased from us being authentically Meissen, or if you require specific information regarding their shape, pattern and age, please contact our archives (archiv [at] meissen [dot] com). Our experts on the history of Meissen products will be pleased to let you know about opportunities for having products assessed, special historical services and the applicable terms.

For more on any of these services please feel free to contact our Customer Dialogue unit under the following telephone number: +49 (0)3521 4686650.