1. What do the different labels next to the Meissen logo on the base of the plate mean?

    In addition to our trademarked logo, the Crossed Swords, you will find various numbers and signs on the bottom of your porcelain piece. These can be:

    • coloured: decor number, painter number
    • embossed: article number, year sign
    • sanding marks below, beside, or through the logo indicate a porcelain of second-quality grading
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  2. Is there a possibility of custom-made items (e.g. monograms or portraits) on Meissen porcelain? How much do they cost and how long is the delivery time?

    We are happy to produce custom-made pieces. Price and delivery time depend on the customization. We are happy to advise you comprehensively through our customer service at +49 3521 468 6630 or via e-mail at service@meissen.com

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  3. Is Meissen porcelain dishwasher safe?

    The dishwasher suitability depends on the particular decoration of the porcelain. White porcelain without any decorative design is dishwasher safe, as well as underglaze decorative designs, such as the “Blue Onion” motif.


    Our customer service will be happy to assist you at +49 3521 468 6630.

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  4. Can defective Meissen porcelain be restored?

    Yes. For further information visit the restoration page.

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  5. What do sanding marks mean on the back of my Meissen porcelain?

    The porcelain is not of top-quality grading.

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  6. Can you provide me recommendations of reputable antique dealers?

    No, unfortunately such recommendations are not available. 

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  7. Who can give me more information about my Meissen porcelain?

    Please contact our customer service at +49 3521 468 6630 or via the contact form

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  8. Can Meissen provide expert opinions for insurance claims?

    Yes. Please send clear pictures of the piece’s display side, as well as the back side with the trademark logo of the Meissen porcelain manufactory.

    via Mail:

    Staatliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Meissen GmbH
    Abt. Preisanfrage
    Talstraße 9
    01662 Meißen

    via E-mail: preisanfrage@meissen.com


    via the contact form

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  9. Does MEISSEN provide information on collector prices/historic prices?

    No, as these prices are always based on supply and demand in the antique market. 

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  10. Does MEISSEN buyback old Meissen porcelain?

    No, we do not buyback any old Meissen porcelain. 

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  11. Where can I obtain expert certification for historic Meissen porcelain?

    From our company archive. Please send your e-mail to archiv@meissen.com. Further details can be found on our website.

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  12. How can I determine the authenticity of Meissen porcelain?

    As part of an expert opinion. See “Where can I obtain expert certification for historic Meissen porcelain?” in our FAQs.

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  13. How can I classify the production period of old Meissen porcelain?

    We are happy to let you know via our customer service at +49 3521 468 6630 or via the contact form.

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