• Meissen Porcelain has always been more than just tableware and objets d’art. Europe’s oldest manufactory was the continent’s first to offer matching services, which before long established the vogue of the 1700s. And over the more than three hundred years since its founding, Meissen has continuously led trends and tapped the zeitgeist as far as luxe dining experiences are concerned.

    It’s the Baroque attitude, which remains today, that effectively makes Meissen more than just porcelains and indeed a lifestyle in itself. It’s this which informs the essence of “modern opulence” – an attention to detail, a love for the extravagant and an enduring soft spot for an aesthetic that balances contemporary flavour with timeless grandeur. From breakfast and lunch to supper, for a morning coffee or after-dinner drinks and delicacies, the new “VITRUV” service form is the perfect porcelain embodiment of this modern approach to opulence. The designs’ own mix-and-match opportunities encourage creative expressions at one’s table, while the rather sleek shapes allow it to slip into existing personal collections with finesse. So, how would you work “VITRUV” into your dinner party settings, kitchen tables and even coffee breaks? After all, MEISSEN does stand for opulence every day and everywhere.
We invite you to indulge, to discover the new “VITRUV” service form in all its contemporary glory, and to learn: how to Meissen.