Birds of a feather flock together
  • The MEISSEN Birds Collection’s crowning glory – the pièce de résistance, the showstopper – is a colossal feat of skill and creative vision. The “Flock of Birds” porcelain mural measures an impressive 240 by 540 centimetres, comprises 72 segments and was realised by no less than 15 of the manufactory’s artisan porcelain painters. The piece continues a tradition of standout murals, such as the “Procession of Princes” in Dresden, depicting ancestral portraits of the House of Wetting across over 20,000 Meissen Porcelain tiles.

    The monumental artwork showcases a total of 72 birds from all continents, rendered in dynamic poses of flight – a novelty for Meissen’s design repertoire. The dramatic composition employs a wide range of painting techniques that come toge¬ther to create a truly extraordinary image. One that evokes awe not only for the painting, but also for the richness and diversity of the creatures depicted. Equal parts explosive and intricate, the masterpiece brings together all manner of species, from eye-catching parrots and birds of paradise to an elegant great white heron and various cockatoos. A cloudy sky background is created using a daubing effect, upon which the birds are painted by hand – their characteristic details captured down to the finest detail.

    Individual segments and smaller compositions of the “Flock of Birds” are available for order by means of special request.
"72 intricately depicted birds over 72 individual segments brought to life by 15 highly skilled porcelain painters."