New Splendour: the patterns beyond the plates
  • Otto Drögsler’s exquisite “New Splendour” collection showcases his prowess when it comes to pattern design, not to mention the unrivalled skill of the Meissen artisans. In cool juxtaposition with the historic relief of each piece of the set – three centre bowls, a box and a candlestick – the elaborate paintwork breathes new life into antique forms.

    To develop the patterns, Drögsler drew inspiration from fabrics from the 1940s. “I loved the idea of something not at all traditional. There’s an opulence with the colours, but it also creates a kind of tension in combination with the relief.”
“We had to rely on the skill of the painters to make it work – so that we could, as much as possible, ignore the object underneath the pattern.”
  • “It’s unusual that Meissen would paint on relief in this way,” notes Drögsler. “The challenge was to ignore the surface underneath, so as to create a new kind of decoration – almost like a projection.” The colourful dahlias, more contemporary floral motifs and rich rocaille work indeed all work in complete contradiction to the relief pieces they embellish. A new kind of luxury: the element of contrast is integral to each of these objects, yet there’s also a harmony in the opulence of both the original 18th century designs and the pop nature of the patterns that give them new meaning. “We wanted to do something entirely new. This is about one-off pieces that are unique and special in and of themselves.”