MEISSEN® with new design expertise

MEISSEN® with new design expertise

14. June 2017

Otto Drögsler and Jörg Ehrlich working for Europe’s oldest Porcelain Manufactory

Germany’s oldest porcelain works, the Meissen Manufactory, has contracted experienced designer duo Otto Drögsler and Jörg Ehrlich to creatively manage, as well as to flesh out and implement, the corporate strategy recently adopted. In continuing the process begun last year of re-instituting design and authorship expertise at the company, the Manufactory is thus returning to a policy of in-house product development, albeit in a new form. Drögsler and Ehrlich, both graduate designers with many years of international experience at brand companies, will from August 2017 be responsible in their newly launched posts of Creative Directors at the Meissen Manufactory for the future orientation of the various product sectors and for the brand’s visual identity.

Together, their command of innovative design and in-depth knowledge of international market preferences yield the wherewithal with which to successfully implement a strategy geared towards premium-quality porcelain.

To this end, it is aimed on the basis of traditional products priced at the top end of the scale to evolve a modern, internationally attuned product and design image for porcelain. The Creative Directors will have an eminently experienced team at Meissen to help them in this. Cooperation with outside artists is nevertheless set to continue. In-house expertise and creativity will be supplemented by inspiration from without in this way.