MEISSEN® VERNISSAGE presents Limited-Edition Art Works for 2017
MEISSEN® VERNISSAGE presents Limited-Edition Art Works for 2017
MEISSEN® VERNISSAGE presents Limited-Edition Art Works for 2017

MEISSEN® VERNISSAGE presents Limited-Edition Art Works for 2017

15. September 2016

Debut for new tableware sets

At this year’s Vernissage, MEISSEN® is currently showcasing its limited-edition art works for the coming year. A total of 54 works in the 2017 collection are on display, including magnificent vases, sculptures and table decorations spanning 300 years of manufacturing history. The artists have used a combination of this rich history as well as archive material to redevelop pieces with innovative new designs.

MEISSEN® is also displaying limited-edition contemporary murals and figures crafted by master-sculptor Jörg Danielczyk and young porcelain designer Maria Walther. The three icons, representing for each collection particularly exceptional artistic feats, include an opulent vase with applied roses, originally created in 1895 and limited to ten pieces. The "Greek Mythology and Signs of the Zodiac" clock from the first half of the 19th century has also been carefully remastered, with 25 pieces available. The "Flora with Cherubs" vase dates back to the period between 1775 and 1780, today an impressive testament to the impact of the so-named "Limoges" technique, in which dyed porcelain in liquid form is painted in several layers on to the piece.

The 2017 collection also comprises a writing set, serving as a highly ornate monument to Martin Luther and commemorating the 500th anniversary of the posting of his theses on the door of the castle church of Wittenberg.

New pieces in the tables and tableware collection are also on show at the MEISSEN® Vernissage, including the premiere of a new, modern service set with a variety of decors.

The history of the Meissen Manufactory has served as a template for the decorative aspects of the service pieces, including, for example, the snowball blooms featured in Johann Joachim Kaendler's (1739) relief, and the striped pattern typical of the 19th century, as found in the MEISSEN® archives. So, too, did the rich, hand-painted Blue Onion pattern provide inspiration, now revived in the form of a modern service set. These innovative new pieces are all dishwasher-safe.

Sure to enrapture new MEISSEN® customers, porcelain jewellery will be making its debut appearance at the Vernissage. An anniversary edition piece in celebration of the 80th birthday of artist Peter Strang will also feature, whose modern and lively figures have for countless years delighted collectors across the globe.

Both national and international specialist retailers, partners, customers and collectors are all cordially invited to attend the Vernissage. The limited-edition artworks will be available for viewing by the general public in Meissen on 21st and 22nd October 2016.

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