VILLA MEISSEN®, Milan - discreet European luxury
VILLA MEISSEN®, Milan - discreet European luxury
VILLA MEISSEN®, Milan - discreet European luxury

VILLA MEISSEN®, Milan - discreet European luxury

21. March 2012

VILLA MEISSEN®, Casa Carcassola-Grandi,
Via Montenapoleone 3, Milan, Italy 

MEISSEN® Italia, Italian subsidiary of the over 300-year-old MEISSEN® Manufactory, will be opening its new VILLA MEISSEN® showroom on 18 April 2012 at a prominent Milanese location on the occasion of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile fair.

Unlike some of the flagship stores run by big-name luxury brands on Via Montenapoleone, a prestigious street of shops in Milan, VILLA MEISSEN® sees itself as being not just a sales outlet but also a place at which the array of MEISSEN® brand worlds is a special experience for anyone who enters.

In the eyes of Dr Christian Kurtzke, Chief Executive Officer at MEISSEN®, it is first and foremost a question of delivering “authenticity, style and values” and only thereafter of presenting exceptional product designs. Such ambitiousness also figured in the choice of building MEISSEN® Italia made. CASA CARCASSOLA-GRANDI, one of the historically most significant private structures in Milan and one with roots stretching back to the 16th century, has been restored and converted with loving attention to detail.

The venerable building is replete with architectural and listed features, including a striking entrance portal by the famous Italian architect Giò Ponti and accomplished ceiling artwork and, as such, embodies key values of the kind that also epitomise the core of the MEISSEN® brand. Visitors can now soak up an atmosphere of timeless elegance and discreet European luxury in eight theme spaces extending over almost 4,000 square feet that provide an intimate experience of Fine Art, Joaillerie and HOME, the three brand worlds of MEISSEN®.

Coinciding with the opening, MEISSEN® Italia will for the first time be presenting to the world its new MEISSEN HOME® Collectibles - not a collection but an ensemble of timelessly elegant items for select interiors that have been judiciously coordinated in terms of both style and colour.

Meticulously hand-made sofas, armchairs, tables, luminaires and porcelain tableware join with luxurious fabrics, covers and accessories on a journey through the modernity of the 1940s to 1970s, echoing an approach to design espoused by the likes of Maison Jansen, Hicks or, indeed, Suzanne Trocmé in her Little Black Dress of Interior Design.

From the outset, great care was taken when devising our HOME Collectibles to ensure that each piece is MEISSEN® to the core - very much as had already been the case with the successful design of the MEISSEN® Joaillerie line by Milanese Creative Director Ornella Pasquetti, whose marvellous creations will be on show in their own jewellery boudoir at the Villa.

Markus Hilzinger, Creative Director of MEISSEN HOME®, points out that he derived crucial inspiration during the conceptualisation stage from the Manufactory’s four centuries of shapes and patterns, for instance. He injected each piece with specific elements from the Manufactory’s unique artistic and cultural history, starting with the distinctive fusion of European and oriental design features practised ever since the Manufactory was established.

In the cause of authenticity, HOME Collectibles by MEISSEN® will not be staged in abstract isolation but as an atmospheric interior design embracing all rooms in the Villa - starting with the hall, the living room or the dining room.

VILLA MEISSEN® is accordingly more a location for experiences and encounters than a conventional shop, something of a small luxury hideaway. MEISSEN® Italia aspires to bring interesting personalities together in the Villa by running a great number of events devoted to art, architecture and design.

As Dr Kurtzke puts it, “VILLA MEISSEN® will enable visitors and guests alike to experience and live out the entire essence and soul of a company that has been purveying art and hand-produced luxury for more than three centuries now. The opening of VILLA MEISSEN®”, he concludes, “is a seminal occurrence in our long history. One that reinforces our ambition to be a German luxury brand of international standing. And one that can be seen as paving the way for the further global expansion of MEISSEN®.

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