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3. May 2010

MEISSEN Manufactory sets up the “MEISSEN Art Campus”

MEISSEN® is intensifying cooperation with both young and established international artists

The MEISSEN® Manufactory has announced the setting up of “MEISSEN® ART CAMPUS”. The institution aims to promote cooperation with practitioners from the fields of painting, sculpture and architecture. Europe‘s most heritage-rich manufactory is seeking in this way to tap new creativity and further consolidate its leading international position in fine porcelain art.

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2. May 2010

MEISSEN presents tercentenary exhibition at the Albertina in Vienna

Following its world premiere in Berlin’s legendary Adlon Hotel and the unveiling of special exhibitions in the Japanese cities of Tokyo and Kyoto, the MEISSEN® Manufactory is now presenting its Tercentenary Collection of Limited MEISSEN Artworks from 3-6 May 2010 in the Albertina in Vienna.

Dr Christian Kurtzke, Managing Director of the MEISSEN Manufactory, invited representatives from the Austrian media and an exclusive round of guests to the Albertina’s Hall of Muses for the opening of this unique exhibition on 3 May. Read more »

14. April 2010

Major MEISSEN special exhibition: MEISSEN turns KaDeWe into the largest art gallery in Berlin



More than 51 TV, radio and print journalists accepted an invitation by KaDeWe and the MEISSEN® Manufactory to attend the opening of a major MEISSEN special exhibition in Europe’s largest luxury department store. The MEISSEN® Manufactory will be presenting its brand in virtually all of KaDeWe’s shop windows as well as on some 5,000 square feet of prime ground-level floorspace over a 5-week period ending on 15 May.

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10. April 2010

MEISSEN presents Tercentenary Collection in Japan

On 6 April, Dr Christian Kurtzke, Managing Director of Staatliche Porzellan-Manufaktur MEISSEN®, presented the year’s collection of Limited MEISSEN Artworks in Japan as part of the Manufactory’s tercentenary celebrations.

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12. March 2010

MEISSEN® announces flagship store in Cologne

Heritage company takes over former Cartier boutique


The MEISSEN® Manufactory has run a shop in Cologne for the past ten years. This May the company will be moving from its existing premises to a new boutique in prestigious surroundings on Wallraffplatz - a location previously occupied by the jewellers Cartier.

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