Box, Coloured, with gold, Limited Masterpieces, H 10 cm

Box, Coloured, with gold, Limited Masterpieces, H 10 cm

A moment ago our dog was snoozing on its cushion. Now it alertly pops up its head, ready to go into action in an instant. It is, after all, protecting any tiny treasures that might be kept in the porcelain box. Dog and box were created by Johann Daniel Schöne (1767-1843), a master of European art of the Enlightenment and, from 1783, employed as a modeller at MEISSEN®. He succeeded in exactly capturing the moment between ease and tension and in this way imbuing his tiny porcelain figure with scintillating vibrancy. It can be assumed he had some experience in dealing with dogs. The box he fashioned in 1833 has strong overtones of a greyhound that Johann Joachim Kaendler (1706-1775) had modelled to a drawing just under 80 years earlier to a commission by the Russian Count Grigori Orlov (1734-1783). The borzoi breed of Russian wolfhound had been very popular at the Tsarist Court since the late Middle Ages. The Russian aristocracy went hunting in the woods with whole packs of them in the18th century. In 1776, Orlov arranged for Kaendler to produce a monument in MEISSEN® to his favourite dog. The Manufactory also created a number of items for the Tsarina Catherine the Great (1729-1796). There is no record of which animal it was that sat for Johann Daniel Schöne. What is for sure, though, is that he produced a very authentic copy, as can be seen in the dog's expression and body posture - from its snout, to its slightly pricked-up ears to its crossed paws. The filigree painting underscores the sculpture's powerful allure. Our dog richly deserves to be enthroned on a cushion edged in real gold.

SKU: 900384-78987-1
Weight: 1100 g
Limited to 75 pieces.

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