Box with "The Mask", H 7.5 cm

Box with "The Mask", H 7.5 cm

The porcelain artist Paul Scheurich (1883-1945) was so captivated by the world of theatre that he produced constant variations on themes such as masquerade, dance, gallantry and the grotesque. The models he created for
MEISSEN® between 1913 and 1937 drew on the classic figural world of MEISSEN® rococo. He managed to imbue porcelain with an urbane, sensuously elegant quality wholly in keeping with the spirit of the 1920s. More than 70 years
after his death, the oeuvre of this outstanding artist has been discovered to include two hitherto overlooked works - bonbonnières with mask heads. The plaster models he bequeathed had long languished in the holdings of a collector.
The treasures have now been cast for the first time at MEISSEN® and decorated with consummate constraint in the Scheurich vein, focus detail consciously guiding the eye towards the essence - small masterpieces by a great artist.
SKU: 90A374-52114-1
Weight: 105 g
Limited to 100 pieces.

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