Box with pepper pod "Early flower painting", H 11,5 cm

Box with pepper pod "Early flower painting", H 11,5 cm

Pepper’s preservative, disinfectant and taste-enhancing properties have made a coveted luxury article of this spice ever since ancient times. When Vasco da Gama shipped the first pepper back to Lisbon in 1498, the black powder proved culturally explosive. Spices brought affluence not only to Lisbon, Venice, London and Amsterdam but also, in Germany, to Augsburg and Nuremberg. It was not uncommon for its sellers to be dubbed “pepper sacks” there. Pepper soon began competing with porcelain for pride of place in the bellies of ships trading from the Far East. The decision by arcanist Johann Joachim Kaendler (1706 –1775) to place a pepper pod on the lid of a box (1742) was tantamount to a blessing, virtually according the spice the status of a relic – a pod had achieved white gold status.
SKU: 208684-55524-1
Weight: 490 g
Limited to 50 pieces.

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