Covered vase painted with "Oriental Landscapes", H 39 cm

Covered vase painted with "Oriental Landscapes", H 39 cm

A garden landscape painted in underglaze cobalt blue unfolds its exotic splendour on a covered vase based on a prototype from the Porcelain Collection in Dresden's State Art Collections. Deftly arranged plants draw one's gaze towards a chinoiserie originated by legendary porcelain painter Johann Gregorius Höroldt (1696-1775), who was appointed to the Meissen Manufactory in 1724, initially as Painter to the Court and later as arcanist and head of the Painting Department. Motifs of this kind based on Chinese models were extraordinarily popular in eighteenth-century Europe. Merchants, envoys and missionaries returning from trips to the Far East conveyed an idealised image of a highly cultivated empire to their audiences at home. Höroldt's everyday scenes from the Middle Kingdom are entirely in the vein of the ascendant Rococo: captured on porcelain with nimble brushwork, their effect is more whimsical and fanciful than realistic.
In addition to indianisch floral motifs, the covered vase is adorned with decoration in underglaze cobalt blue, a colour that is applied to the still porous porcelain following initial bisque firing. The greatest skill needed for this form of painting is the ability to execute soft washes of colour within darker outlines. Whether the two perfectly complement one another in the interplay of their nuances only becomes evident, moreover, once the vase emerges fully glazed from its final firing. Only then does the magical cobalt blue for which MEISSEN® is so famous attain its incomparable luminescence as in this vase.

SKU: 82B384-51118-1
Weight: 1580 g
Limited to 25 pieces.

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