"Elopement" vase in Böttger Stoneware, H 47 cm

"Elopement" vase in Böttger Stoneware, H 47 cm

Before porcelain was invented, gold and silversmiths were responsible for making royal dining tables glitter. Indeed, they continued to set the tone, under the direction of court silversmith Johann Jacob Irminger (1635-1724), in the very first years of the Meissen Manufactory. This early vase in Böttger Stoneware®, for instance, betrays its origins, a metal decanter from the Orient, very clearly. The body curvature and towering neck of the ancient shape are encircled to magical effect by a world-famous "Arabian Nights" pattern from the hand of Prof. Heinz Werner (*1928). The work of our internationally acclaimed artist, who has produced getting on for a hundred patterns and countless one-offs for MEISSEN® in over 50 years, is marked by jollity and airiness.
Painted in pure gold after Werner's design, this version of the "Arabian Nights" pattern is an absolute novelty, one that forges a link between masterful modern porcelain painting and traditional craftsmanship of the highest order. The particular challenge facing the gilder is that no variations of colour are possible. The Goldchinesen that were painted on white Meissen Porcelain® back in the 1720s were lent the requisite degree of shading by subsequently being subjected to a process known as "tooling". Our painter Elke Dannenberg has adopted a different method on this vase in dark Böttger Stoneware®. She has come up a shadow-play painting technique that renders figure detail discernible as delicately drawn outlines, the figures in this case being slumbering guards who only realise their princess has been abducted once she has vanished into the night with her prince - an elopement in the style of the "Arabian Nights", a fairy-tale work of art in all respects.

SKU: 681884-85922-1
Weight: 1695 g
Limited to 25 pieces.

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