Female Dancer, H 29 cm

Female Dancer, H 29 cm

The art nouveau of Vienna inspired Emil Paul Börner to lend shape to one of the loveliest of MEISSEN® “art deco” works in 1921. Still billowing from the movement that has gone before, the dancer’s crinoline skirt drifts slowly and silently back down towards the floor, whilst its wearer remains in a pose of taut concentration. The utter inwardness and, indeed, detachment of this moment is underlined not only by the svelte beauty’s closed eyes but also by the finely stated tensing of her body as she crosses her arms and holds the rose between her finger-tips. But what really allows the magic of the moment to fully unfold is the restrained use of softish shades of red and brown to colour the piece. “Art deco” stands for “decorative art”: this rather laboured term from art history actually does scant justice to Börner’s distinctive mastery …

Limited Edition.

SKU: 900380-73581-1
Weight: 2700 g

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