Figure, Coloured, with gold, Limited Masterpieces, H 54 cm

Figure, Coloured, with gold, Limited Masterpieces, H 54 cm

Dresden artist Hermann Hultzsch (1837-1905) captures the homecoming of a young fisherman in a porcelain sculpture he created for MEISSEN® in 1885. His net cast over his shoulder, the young man eyes his successful catch. He seems to be pausing to ponder briefly on his way home. Quite unlike any figure in porcelain from the Baroque, the work of this freelance sculptor who went on to become a Professor at the Dresden Art Academy is a study in focused tranquillity. There is something impressionist in the way it spurns intemperate emotion in favour of temperate motion. The subject's body outlines and the fall of the folds of his cape are modelled in a well-nigh painterly manner. The play of light and shade is ingeniously underscored by consummate flows of colour in the glaze. The figure of the young fisherman reflects the ideal of simple beauty through the grace of his movements and, in so doing, presages the advent of art nouveau. This choice little porcelain sculpture is proof, at any rate, of just how much everyday moments have to offer in artistic terms.

SKU: 900384-73670-1
Weight: 6400 g
Limited to 25 pieces.

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