Figure "Geo", H 18 cm

Figure "Geo", H 18 cm

The woman sculpture "Geo" protects the sphere she is holding in her lap like a small treasure. Seated on a socle, the figure protectively shields the little ball, decorated with gilt circles and polychrome dots, not just with her up-raised arms but with her entire body. Points of focus finely tooled in platinum reinforce the gently curvaceous female contours of this sculpture in finest Meissen Porcelain®, underscoring its vibrant sense of motion.
Our artist Maria Walther has in the process made adroit play of elements of geometry: she causes triangles, squares and circles to enter into a perfect symbiosis with one another and, in so doing, evolves her own distinctive formal idiom with which to orchestrate the visual allure of porcelain. Geo mutates into a fantastic being of gracious appearance through the way she emphasizes, distorts, exaggerates and merges small and large parts of its body. Edges and flat surfaces contribute to the play of light and shadow.
The sculpture has been composed to consummate effect out of the simplest of shapes whose symbolic force has always been of great significance in the history of culture. The square that lends the figure her support as a socle, for instance, conventionally symbolises the Earth, whilst the triangle, which appears in any variety of forms in the fashioning of her body, alludes to the Holy Trinity and the sky. And the sphere - as an ever-recurring circle - is emblematic of the perfection, enlightenment and harmony of all spiritual forces. It has also, since time immemorial, been regarded as a likeness of the sun, which never ceases giving off light and energy.
In unifying these symbols, Geo advances to become the custodian of our little world, a world that is but a speck of dust within the universe as a whole.

SKU: 901384-73940-1
Weight: 1500 g
Limited to 50 pieces.

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