Figure of a horse, H 18 cm

Figure of a horse, H 18 cm

Our pony with its bulky body and rather short legs has blearily laid itself down. It irritably raises its head, surveys the scene and grumpily flares its nostrils. Its expressive bearing is poignant evidence of how, from the 1920s, the sculptor Max Esser (1885-1945) revived the exhilarating tradition of animal statuary established at MEISSEN® by Johann Joachim Kaendler (1706-1775). Esser's figures are outstanding masterpieces of art deco porcelain art.
Trained by the celebrated animal modeller August Gaul (1840-1910), Max Esser created numerous models for MEISSEN® from 1919 onwards and in 1923 was appointed to direct a master studio at the Manufactory. His abiding passion for animal statuary led to his producing a long succession of particularly vibrant figures. He was, for instance, inspired by the fable Reynard the Fox by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832) to author a table-centre whose size and scope need fear no comparison with Meissen counterparts from the eighteenth century.
The prototype for the pony that is now being re-issued on a gilt-edged pedestal for our latest series of Limited-Edition Artworks suffers a tragic fate in the original story. The proud little horse is presumptuous enough to enter into a race with a stag that proceeds to effortlessly outstrip it. Thereupon it hires a rider to track down the stag - and is unable to get rid of him before breaking down exhausted. Esser succeeds in articulating the animal's character by freezing its bearing and a movement of its head in time. The poor pony may sadly over-estimate its own abilities in Goethe's work, but in its new guise as a superlative porcelain sculpture it becomes a truly lovable hero.

SKU: 900284-78006-1
Weight: 2350 g
Limited to 25 pieces.

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