"Fish" wall dish, Ø 49 cm

"Fish" wall dish, Ø 49 cm

Just as water takes on the deep blue of the sky, so sumptuous white porcelain absorbs blue painted decoration and causes it to unfathomably shine forth - though not until it has undergone glost firing. The algae and shoal of frolicsome fish were painted onto the still porous porcelain in underglaze cobalt blue. With what marvellous fluidity and momentum the brushwork replicates the flow of the water! The paint sinks into the raw body and only acquires its luminescence and intensity after the glost firing process. This a painting technique that calls for the utmost in artistic talent plus a great deal of experience - any mistakes made cannot be rectified. It is also a great compositional challenge to lend the pattern depth using just one colour. The sense of flux in this underwater scene was the work of a master: it dates back to a design by Otto Eduard Voigt (1870-1949), considered the most creative hard-fire painter of his age at MEISSEN®. His blue masterpiece has adorned an imposing limited-edition covered vase ever since 2010. The shoal of fish is now being shown anew from a fresh perspective on this large-format wall dish.

SKU: 82B284-54M40-1
Weight: 4500 g
Limited to 25 pieces.

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