"Floral splendour" plaque, 43 x 55 cm

"Floral splendour" plaque, 43 x 55 cm

In full bloom, pink hibiscus and purplish-violet purple wreath thrust themselves rampantly across a gilt frame towards both the light and the beholder. Their large delicate calyxes symbolise the seductive charm of young girls but also fame and wealth in China, whilst in Japan they stand for gentleness and in Europe for fragile beauty. Meissen artist Carola Havemann is primarily intent on evoking happiness and joie de vivre with her dynamic arrangement on finest porcelain, and she manages to do so magisterially well. The bouquet acquires a stunningly lifelike appearance through the play of light and dark, differing intensities of colour application and the use of perspective in its portrayal. The three-dimensional effect of her naturalistic flower painting is heightened by filigree moulded detail that passes over into the area around to fuse with the painting. Each of the leaves is individually fashioned by the repairer and luted onto the porcelain. This gives rise to minor deviations from case to case that render each of the porcelain pictures unique. A broad band in 23-carat gold provides the inspired arrangement with a fitting frame. Butterflies flutter up from the outside to inject a note of frolicsome freshness into a work that combines two highly demanding painting and repairing techniques traditionally adopted at MEISSEN®.

SKU: 932E84-9M847-1
Weight: 6700 g
Limited to 25 pieces.

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