"Full of Pride" wall picture with snowball blossom, 35 x 35 cm

"Full of Pride" wall picture with snowball blossom, 35 x 35 cm

The young woman is perusing a picture with self-composed, somewhat challenging detachment that, in our own age, might well be "selfie". Part of her face is obscured by moulded flowers, foliage and berries that add an element of mystery and a spatial dimension to the portrait. Snowball blossoms are regarded as symbolising pride and, for that reason alone, are ideally suited to the portrait. So perfect is the interplay of moulded and painted decoration that gazes are drawn towards the pictorial panel as if by magic. Michaela Stocker has caused myriad shades of red to intermingle as in a watercolour and contrasted them with a dark black that lends outline structure to the face. She evokes a complete picture before the mind´s eye by astutely juggling with painted and unpainted areas. The florets, leaves and berries of the snowball shrub stand out in brilliant white, setting the young woman off whilst also providing her with a means of concealing herself. The beholder is unable either to escape the young girl´s probing gaze or to breach her mantle of secrecy.
SKU: 930484-9M848-1
Weight: 3100 g
Limited to 25 pieces.

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