"Jester Trio" wall painting, 75 x 54 cm

"Jester Trio" wall painting, 75 x 54 cm

As well as attaining everlasting fame as stage characters, Harlequin, Columbine and Pulcinella have, since the eighteenth century, also been taking the world by storm as Meissen artworks. A trip to the carnival in Venice made such an impression on Modeller-in-Chief Jörg Danielczyk that he has been drawing inspiration for his modern porcelain objects and pictures from masquerade and disguise ever since. In sculptures such as his Harlequin figures amongst other things, he dissipates figurative form in order to determine how much scope for interpretation their abstract, merely intimated silhouettes afford. Porcelain painter Steffen Mikosch has replicated a Danielczyk design on porcelain using bold brushwork here. The three jesters' outlines and the red, green and gold of their costumes are but hinted at. They flow into or overlay one another, in this way evolving their very own form of dynamic momentum. This masterful style of painting on Meissen Porcelain®, one in which any mistakes made cannot be made good, requires supreme ability and is hence only to be found at MEISSEN®. Which of the myriad facets of this contemporary painting the beholder takes in at any one moment depends on what they focus on, their angle of vision and the incidence of light on the picture.

SKU: 935584-9M221-1
Weight: 12200 g
Limited to 5 pieces.

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