Mocca service "Tulips"

Mocca service "Tulips"

While the tulip represented unattained preciousness in Flanders, for Saxony that was and continues to be true of Meissen Porcelain. Artistically perfect and never doomed to wither, this is the very pinnacle of the mastery of flower painting. Inspired by colourised copper engravings by Maria Sybilla Merian and Johann Wilhelm Weinmann, the “Alt-Ozier-Relief” in the style of the “old flower painting” was executed by Meissen’s master painters. The result is this aristocratic Mocca service, also beloved by Heinrich Count Brühl. For him, Johann Friedrich Eberlein designed the elegant basket relief around 1736. Assembled in the elaborately hand-made leather case, this service is a limited edition of 25.
SKU: 207482-S0146-1
Weight: 15500 g
Limited to 25 pieces.

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