Moor with white horse, H 44 cm

Moor with white horse, H 44 cm

When Johann Joachim Kaendler modelled this group around 1750, the term “Lipizzaner” was not yet in general use for the noble white horses from Vienna’s Spanish Riding School. Europe’s aristocracy used the noble “Spanish” white horses to go hunting or for travelling, and they had themselves portrayed in stately poses on them. The appeal of this sculpture is that the horse’s owner is left out, and you as the beholder take his or her place. The splendid animal is led to you by a “moor” whose elegant oriental dress points to his privileged position at court. Kaendler could not have chosen a better moment for representing the close relationship between servant and horse than the moment the horse rears up while it is being led out, just before it is saddled and the ride begins.

Limited Edition.

SKU: 900380-67018-1
Weight: 6400 g

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