Pierced wall plate "Trailing Passion Flower", Ø 26 cm

Pierced wall plate "Trailing Passion Flower", Ø 26 cm

Bands full of the colourful skittishness of Spring encircle the plate's pierced rim. They establish an harmonious union between flower and curving frame by echoing the green, violet and pale yellow of the central motif. Native to South and Central America, the beautiful passion flower did not become known in Europe until the 17th century. It owes its name to Christian immigrants who imagined they saw symbols of the passion of Christ in the flower-heads.
Works of art of this kind have been appearing at MEISSEN® since around 1740. The graphic source for the richly detailed painting was produced by that intrepid adventurer Maria Sibylla Merian (1647-1717), who toured Surinam to explore its insect and plant world. In books such as "The Caterpillar's Marvellous Transformation and Strange Floral Food" (Nuremberg 1679-1683), the artist recorded her observations on the flora and fauna north of Brazil with the aid of lifelike illustrations. In the process, she established the beginnings of Baroque still-life painting. Her hand-coloured etchings were already part of the graphic collection held at MEISSEN® in the 18th century, playing a seminal role in renditions of Nature there.
It is particularly captivating to behold how accurately our porcelain painter has emulated Merian's supremely fine eye for detail here. Her modern style of painting after Merian, operating without copper paints, is performed alla prima in finely coordinated shades. This presupposes a sound knowledge of the anatomy of plants plus an intuitive grasp of colour and great experience in the painting of porcelain. Dulcet rims in sumptuous gilt fittingly frame a still life so lifelike one almost feels like shooing the moths and caterpillars away.

SKU: 20A384-54M72-1
Weight: 550 g
Limited to 75 pieces.

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