"Pure Harmony" vase, 13.5 cm

"Pure Harmony" vase, 13.5 cm

White flowers stand out with enchanting delicacy against the deep black background of the porcelain and are reminiscent of the finest Japanese lacquer painting. No other pattern could better accord with the untrammelled elegance of
these vessels from the MEISSEN® vaults. Flowering rush extends over the dish whilst the vase is encircled by a spray of honeysuckle. Artist Katrin Getzlaff selected her motifs quite consciously: European flowers with Asian charm.
And she achieved the huge feat of immortalising them on porcelain in a way that is wholly authentic and captivatingly translucent. Her painting technique and manner of composition presuppose great talent, supreme workmanship and
long experience, since it is not paint but porcelain that gleams through the dark decorative detail and causes the flowers to radiate forever.
SKU: 237874-44096-1
Weight: 350 g
Limited to 100 pieces.

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