"Show Dancer" wall painting, 63 x 45 cm

"Show Dancer" wall painting, 63 x 45 cm

Prof. Professor Heinz Werner (*1928) seldom goes anywhere without his sketch pad. The internationally acclaimed artist is a past master both at sketching the lighter, transcendent sides of life with deft rapid strokes and at immortalising them with the same vibrant power of expression on the challenging painting surface of Meissen Porcelain®. The numerous pictures and roughly one hundred patterns he has created in the course of more than 50 years' work with MEISSENÒ were all fuelled by momentary impressions. Carnival, music, dance and the erotic allure of beautiful women have repeatedly been the source of new pictures that appear to freeze motion in time moment with playful ease.

Our lightly clad, high-heeled artiste is showing off her long legs. She pauses briefly to lean against a wall or relax on a bar-stool. Her startled glance over her shoulder indicates that she had not thought she was being watched during this brief moment. Prof. Werner sketched her during a break in performance that he invests with a particular charm by contrasting her innocent expression with her seductive pose.

SKU: 935784-9M287-1
Weight: 8900 g
Limited to 25 pieces.

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