Snuff box with "Figure painting after Watteau", 11 x 8 cm

Snuff box with "Figure painting after Watteau", 11 x 8 cm

As with so many French crazes, the fashion for snuff percolated through to the rest of Europe in the eighteenth century. Any man of the world stored his stash in a sumptuous little porcelain box. Such snuff boxes were once an even greater status symbol than a golden lighter is today. In a subtle vein of humour, Meissen porcelain painter Christoph Trommer has consummately decorated this little box with paintings in the style of the Frenchman Antoine Watteau (1684-1721). The Manufactory purchased a number of Watteau etchings in around 1741 that have repeatedly been a source of inspiration for MEISSEN® artists ever since.
Christoph Trommer has detached his symbolic figures from their rustic surroundings and most finely brushed them onto the box's cover at random. The roses on a lady's lap denote her still being single and in search of the love of her life. The man's vine-entwined stave is emblematic of indulgence, the pilgrim's staff held by the second woman of reflecting upon oneself and the officer of power and honour. They are all caressingly framed by opulent decoration in gilt. The box itself is adorned with typical indianisch painting. Here, too, there is quite an amount of symbolic content to be made out. The piece is redolent, then, with the kind of ingenious whimsy so beloved of the Rococo, lending expression to a life-affirming indulgence that knows no bounds.

SKU: 270884-52382-1
Weight: 210 g
Limited to 75 pieces.

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