"Still life with blue vase and fruits" wall plaque, 60 x 60 cm

"Still life with blue vase and fruits" wall plaque, 60 x 60 cm

What a fragrance! Meissen®'s painter Heike Wuttke has packed an overwhelmingly lavish bouquet of roses, larkspur, tulip, purple auriculas, red anemones, gillyflower, yellow ranunculus, mallows, blue hyacinths and snowball blossoms into opulent vase with hand-painted golden ornaments. The pattern for this gorgeous painting was created by one of the greatest artists in his métier, the Dutch painter Gerard van Spaendonck (1746-1822). Among other commissions, he was active as a painter at the court of France's King Louis XVI and began a professorship of floral painting at the botanical garden in Paris in 1780. His works embody a naturalistic and highly sculptural variety of floral painting. But Heike Wuttke took van Spaendonck's "Vase of Flowers" merely as a starting point for her own painting, to which she added fruits such as grapes, peaches and figs, and in which she altered the shapes and colours of some flowers and leaves. The result is a totally free and new interpretation of his beautiful painting, which nonetheless preserves its original composition. The centre of the elaborate painterly adaptation is occupied by a bright blue vase richly ornamented with golden elements. To paint the gleam of the gold and the light reflecting from it is a special challenge, as is floral painting per se. To transfer onto porcelain the materiality and plasticity of the individual objects requires tremendous experience and skill from the porcelain painter – especially because the colours and glazes must be applied to the porcelain in numerous layers and in the course of repeated firings. Heike Wuttke masterfully accomplished these feats – and enriched the limited edition of MEISSEN®'s artworks with an especially beautiful example of the art of MEISSEN®'s floral painting.

SKU: 932H84-9M035-1
Weight: 11700 g
Limited to 15 pieces.

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