"Still life with faience vase and cherries" wall plaque, 60 x 60 cm

"Still life with faience vase and cherries" wall plaque, 60 x 60 cm

Transferring oil paintings to porcelain is a master discipline for porcelain painters at the MEISSEN® Manufactory. It takes outstanding talent, years of practice, great craftsmanship and plenty of patience to commit a painting to the initially obdurate porcelain that is as luminescent and richly coloured as the original. Meissen® porcelain painter Birgit Greiss has achieved this in no uncertain terms in her still life: the experienced painter has recreated each drop of water and the finest detail on each of the leaves with utter precision.
An oil painting produced in 1834 by Alexandre Thierrat de Lyon (1789-1870) served as the prototype for her work. It contains a lush arrangement of roses, peonies, tulips, delphinium, lilies, poppies and marigolds displayed in a delft faience vase. Birgit Greiss has augmented the scene with further details such as a butterfly and rose heads. There's a lot to be done, however, before the porcelain work of art can be admired in all its beauty: first of all, for instance, the red of the cherries and on some of the flowers is separately painted onto the porcelain in a special inglaze porcelain enamel and fired; the remaining colours are then successively applied in several layers until the bouquet looks truly three-dimensional and authentic. This calls for extensive powers of imagination on the part of the artist, who is additionally required to master the palette of porcelain paints to perfection.
The sumptuous gilt frame underscores the painting's preciousness. its gilded ornament has been painted on by hand, a novel combination of different shades of gold lending it a finely nuanced sheen that is by turn matt and glossy – in fact, just as multifaceted as the painting itself.

SKU: 932G84-9M035-1
Weight: 11700 g
Limited to 15 pieces.

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