"Still life with strawberries" plaque, 60 x 60 cm

"Still life with strawberries" plaque, 60 x 60 cm

It was an old oil painting that inspired Meissen artist Heike Wuttke to produce her opulent still life on finest porcelain. Her re-interpretation augments the floral arrangement with densely petalled roses in full bloom, hydrangeas, lilies and violets that lean out towards the beholder. She makes canny play of dark and pale, of light and shade, to lend her bunch of flowers a particularly realistic, three-dimensional effect. Being able to imitate oil paintings in this way, one of the highest arts practised at MEISSEN®, presupposes artistic talent, long experience and exceeding aptitude.
The fruit reflected in the silver tray looks luscious enough to munch into. It acquires its intense red from a special inglaze porcelain paint applied to and fired on the porcelain separately. Only then are the remaining colours added in several layers. The opulent rim in gilt likewise exemplifies a special Meissen skill. Fine, hand-painted ornament is made to stand out in various nuances of glittering gold against a matt ground, an effect achieved with the aid of a novel combination of differing shades of gold. These combine to form a fitting frame for the sumptuous painting - a perfect symbiosis of Old Master skills and innovative techniques as adopted by a school of porcelain art steeped in tradition.

SKU: 932D84-9M035-1
Weight: 11700 g
Limited to 15 pieces.

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