Tea caddy "Chinoiseries after Stadler"

Tea caddy "Chinoiseries after Stadler"

This purist form was produced in Böttger stoneware® to a Chinese design in 1710, the very year the Meissen Porcelain® Manufactory was founded. At once archaic and modern, the model soon came to be treasured by the Manufactory’s artists owing to its conveniently paintable areas and was adorned with the most exquisite of chinoiseries. Imports of luxuries from China in the 17th and 18th centuries moved the Manufactory’s porcelain painters to create fantastic scenes with an oriental feel. Johann Ehrenfried Stadler (1701 –1741) was a porcelain painter who, like Johann Gregorius Höroldt (1696 –1775) and Adam Friedrich von Löwenfinck (1714 –1754), was mesmerised by the mystique of distant worlds. They were all to become role models for subsequent generations of painters at the MEISSEN Manufactory. Their legacy is still very much with us today, as this delightful piece with “chinoiseries after Stadler” so eloquently demonstrates.
SKU: 597184-52892-1
Weight: 260 g
Limited to 50 pieces.

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