Tea caddy with "Flower-Head and Butterfly Fantasias", 14.5 cm

Tea caddy with "Flower-Head and Butterfly Fantasias", 14.5 cm

Small butterflies hover breezily and weightlessly around this sumptuous tea caddy, which joins a set from last year's series of Limited-Edition Meissen Artworks. Artist Anett Gerner works not with a brush but with a pen to spirit fauna
and flora of bewitching delicacy onto the porcelain, filling in leaves with dense copper colours to greatly contrasting effect. The canny way she varies her breadth of application so as to add vibrancy to her pencilesque style is particularly
striking. Interspersed with coloured patterns set against a sunny ground, the outlines of flowers and butterflies in pure 23-carat gold are all that radiate from the white porcelain - plus, as an added highlight, the crossed swords as the
MEISSEN® trademark. The interplay of stylised and naturalistic painting evokes the ease of a summer's day, when enjoying a cup of tea allows everyday life to be forgotten.
SKU: 589974-52890-1
Weight: 338 g
Limited to 25 pieces.

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