Teapot with Snowball Blossoms, H 29 cm

Teapot with Snowball Blossoms, H 29 cm

Johann Joachim Kaendler can be considered the one who truly brought the art of porcelain to flower. Not only did he succeed in granting life to sculpted figurines, but also in giving ordinary objects like vases, boxes, tureens, or teapots an artistic status that far surpassed their mere use, transforming them into such splendid works of art that they could stand on their own. He thus transformed trivial everyday objects into a yardstick of luxury at the court of Augustus the Strong, which soon came to be desired and appreciated in all royal houses. In 1739, this great artist created the décor “Snow Ball” – countless threedimensional white blossoms cover their host and transform it into an artful garden. Golden leaves and branches provide a noble contour. Even Prussia’s king Frederick the Great could not withstand the attraction of the blossoms’ magic: in 1760, he ordered six snowball flower vases. The teapot, exclusively produced for our anniversary, with its fire-gilded handle, rich branches and copious flower balls presents Meissen’s art of modelling and “repairing” in perfection.
SKU: 900382-82M02-1
Weight: 2430 g
Limited to 50 pieces.

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