Vase with Baluster Applications, H 33 cm

Vase with Baluster Applications, H 33 cm

The early era of porcelain design was shaped by the origin of the earliest porcelain makers. Pewter and silver smiths transferred what they had learned in their arts to the new precious material; one example of this is Johann Jacob Irminger. This oldest piece (1710 – 1720) in the collection of the Meissen Manufactory is ascribed to him. A vase like this, originally moulded in Böttger Porcelain, then decorated with enamel and gold leaf, was delivered to the court of Augustus the Strong. With this limited anniversary edition, 75 lidded vases featuring applied lambrequin reliefs and delicately painted applied blossoms, we commemorate the silversmith’s workshop in the dawning hours of white gold.
SKU: 900382-82383-1
Weight: 1750 g
Limited to 75 pieces.

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