Vase, Blue brocat with Chinese, Limited Masterpieces, H 57 cm

Vase, Blue brocat with Chinese, Limited Masterpieces, H 57 cm

This elegantly styled vase recalls the early MEISSEN® "Palace Vases" based on oriental models. Its splendid decoration has surprising overtones of the Baroque even though the sumptuous gold brocade painting, consummately combined with painting in underglaze cobalt-blue, was not developed by MEISSEN® until 2012.
This specialised glaze-painting technique with gilt overlay gives chinoiseries after Johann Gregorius Höroldt (1796-1775) the appearance of being engraved. These are taken from the "Schulz Codex", 'a sketchbook named after their collector, in which Höroldt captured scenes from everyday life in China as source material for painters. Despite being drafted from the perspective of a Central European who had never set foot in the "Middle Kingdom", they were central to the chinoiserie craze that swept through Europe in the 18th century - through the agency of MEISSEN® porcelain. The latter was already being adorned with "Gold Chinese figures" in the 1720s, when there were just five colours available for overglaze painting at the Manufactory. But the pioneering spirits who first fashioned European porcelain were experienced silversmiths and enamellists. They gilded white surfaces with the silhouettes of chinoiseries which they then adroitly tooled and polished with an agate stick.
Today's Gold Chinese stand out brilliantly against an area of matt, 23-carat gold that is magnificently supplemented by decoration in cobalt-blue. They successfully forge a link between the beginnings of MEISSEN® and modernity - also suitable as a work of art for purist glass palaces.

SKU: 82A584-50461-1
Weight: 5000 g
Limited to 25 pieces.

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