Vase, Capricorns, Limited Masterpieces, H 32 cm

Vase, Capricorns, Limited Masterpieces, H 32 cm

This covered vase in the manner of the Palace Vases of MEISSEN® founder Augustus the Strong (1670-1733) elegantly combines examples from three centuries of artistic creativity at the Manufactory. Its shape dates from the mid-19th century; it is decorated in cobalt- blue - the only underglaze colour available in Europe in the Manufactory's earliest years; the motifs, by turn, draw on a vase by Otto Eduard Gottfried Voigt (1870-1949) from the art deco of the 1920s. They comprise four different renditions of an ibex embedded in floral tendrils extending from the base to the cover. The pattern has been produced in a particularly refined way as a negative: very lightly shaded branches and ibexes within the white of the porcelain stand out against a background coloured over in deep blue. Painting the blue demands the greatest of dexterity, since the paint soaks deep into the ceramic body with every brush-stroke and cannot be gone over. The vase's borders and finial have been sumptuously gilded so as to really bring out the intense brilliance of the blue - a composition that harmoniously combines over three hundred years of artistic traditions and yet again demonstrates what a precious heritage there is waiting to be re-interpreted in a contemporary vein in the Manufactory archives.

SKU: 824984-51083-1
Weight: 2250 g
Limited to 50 pieces.

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