Vase "Egyptian landscapes", H 41 cm

Vase "Egyptian landscapes", H 41 cm

“A single word from the hero (...) was enough to make me go with him”, was how Vivant Denon, former Louvre Director and latterly Director of the “Institut d’Égypte”, explained his part in Napoleon Bonaparte’s 1798 Cairo campaign, which was to inaugurate Egyptology as we know it today. The expedition corps made up of mathematicians, artists and architects found the “Rosetta stone”, whose inscriptions enabled Jean-François Champollion to decipher hieroglyphs in 1822. Overwhelmed by the discoveries made, Paris was soon welcoming the first finds and drawings. Knowledge of and spirited euphoria for past cultures began to exert an influence on science and the arts everywhere from Paris to Dresden. This consummately designed large mantelpiece vase (c. 1774) with its sculpted Pharaohs’ heads is finely decorated with pyramids, sphinxes and monumental ruins recreating historical scenes. Most exactingly painted by masters at the Manufactory, the Arts celebrate their triumph much as they did back then. MEISSEN® succeeds in combining perfection and beauty in such a way that they will also thrill coming generations.
SKU: 296384-51236-1
Weight: 2300 g
Limited to 50 pieces.

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