Vase, Flower Painting, Style mid of 19. century, Limited Masterpieces, H 48,3 cm

Vase, Flower Painting, Style mid of 19. century, Limited Masterpieces, H 48,3 cm

The free-thinking architect and art historian Gottfried Semper (1803-1879) certainly had an eye for grandeur, making an impressive impact on the cityscapes of Dresden, Zurich and Vienna. He was appointed Professor of Architecture at Dresden's Royal Academy of Fine Arts in 1834. It was during this period of residence in the Saxon capital that he worked with MEISSEN®. He designed this showpiece vase, which was to prove a major technical challenge even for the Manufactory's practised porcelain artists, in 1836. It was extremely difficult to fire owing to its great size but the process was nevertheless a success, allowing the spectacular masterpiece to be presented at the 1851 World's Fair in London. The original is no longer extant unfortunately. Luckily, however, Gottfried Semper's mould sections and plaster model have been preserved in the Manufactory's more than 300-year-old stock of moulds, the MEISSEN® archives, until the present-day. It has been possible with their help to painstakingly reconstruct the Semper Vase, albeit not completely, since the new edition comes without the original cover.
Its front and back show two magnificent bouquets of flowers, seemingly just picked out of the garden, in a traditional flower-painting style. The red ground underscores this warm summer mood and acts as a decorative basis for refined gilding that sets the splendid piece off to great effect.

SKU: 20A284-50M21-1
Weight: 11000 g
Limited to 25 pieces.

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