Vase, Flowers, rich, after M.Zeinar, signet Limited Masterpieces, limit., H 16 cm

Vase, Flowers, rich, after M.Zeinar, signet Limited Masterpieces, limit., H 16 cm

The world of flowers has always conspired to engross us with its inexhaustible variety of colours, shapes and fragrances. Tulips, an exotic rarity from distant Constantinople at the time, once triggered a veritable craze in the Netherlands: there were those who risked house and home to acquire just one of them in the 1630s. Shares began to be traded in tulip bulbs. The show was over within seven years, however, culminating in the first stock-exchange crash in history. But far more exotic plants still were now brought to Europe by circumnavigators, conquerors, adventurers and naturists. They were coveted to such a degree that even pictures of them fetched top prices. Flower painting unfolded to the full in the Baroque. And it evolved into the most steadfast of all genres in Germany's first porcelain manufactory at MEISSEN® - in the form of "dry flower painting" based on etchings by the painter and naturist Maria Sybilla Merian in the mid-18th century, thereafter as decorative "mannered flowers" or the "scattered flowers pattern".
"Naturalistic flower painting" of the sort our painter Monika Zeinar has now interpreted in a modern guise began to take over on porcelain from the 19th century. Inspiration for patterns was drawn not from archives but from Nature herself. Minor irregularities and peculiarities give a sense of authenticity to every leaf and petal. Finely graduated colours and the play of light and shade heighten the optical illusion. Monika Zeinar incorporates the shape of the vase, designed in the year 2000, into the arrangement to lend it a spatial dimension - her tulips, too, are a costly rarity as a result.

SKU: 207884-54959-1
Weight: 1300 g
Limited to 50 pieces.

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