Vase "Hunting Scenes", H 42 cm

Vase "Hunting Scenes", H 42 cm

As is well known, porcelain and hunting were two of Augustus the Strong’s major passions in line with his noble calling. The Hubertusburg hunting palace completed in 1724 was meant to become the largest hunting residence in Europe. Augustus III, son of Augustus the Strong, shared his father’s predilection for porcelain and the hunt. He spent several months of the year at Hubertusburg and commissioned the MEISSEN Manufactory to develop a series of five lidded vases and four “trumpet vases”. Johann Joachim Kaendler took on the shaping work, whilst Johann Georg Heintze, a talented disciple of Höroldt’s, produced the superb painted detail. The meticulously rendered coursing hunts are based on engravings by Johann Elias Ridinger. The Manufactory issued these masterpieces in celebration of St. Hubert’s Day on 3 November 1739. One of these vases features in this year’s “Limited Art Works” and is testimony to the unsurpassed porcelain art of MEISSEN® then as now.
SKU: 278584-50410-1
Weight: 3850 g
Limited to 10 pieces.

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