Wall painting, Meissen impression, sign. Limited Masterpieces, limit., 25,5 x 25,5 cm

Wall painting, Meissen impression, sign. Limited Masterpieces, limit., 25,5 x 25,5 cm

Albrechtsburg Castle in Meissen as reflected in the waters of the river Elbe is the theme of this porcelain plaque, a further in the series of small works of art for collectors by Johannes Rudolf Hentschel (1872-1951). Along with his brother Julius Konrad Hentschel (1872-1907), who modelled the famous "Hentschel Children", he was one of the most important exponents of art nouveau at MEISSEN®. Several of the decorative designs authored by the two brothers, including the "Wing Pattern", became icons of art nouveau in Germany. The pictures Johannes Rudolf Hentschel produced bear witness to his love of the Elbe riverscapes in which he spent his free time. They are scenes of tranquillity in which light bathes the landscape in colours that take on a very special magic for the beholder. Our porcelain painters manage to bring out this heightened atmosphere to particularly expressive effect through the interplay of underglaze and overglaze colours. Whereas the majority of Hentschel's pictures are imbued with a certain melancholy, he portrays the oldest castle in Germany in dazzling sunlight. This was where Augustus the Strong (1670-1733) set up Europe's first porcelain manufactory in 1710, two years after the invention of "white gold" was first documented. Hentschel's optimistic impression of Meissen was to be shown to be true: following the MEISSEN® Manufactory's tercentenary celebrations, the porcelain castle now once again shines forth as of old.

SKU: 933384-53N53-1
Weight: 1255 g
Limited to 100 pieces.

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