Wall painting of a "Park landscape with basket of flowers and fountain", 60 x 35 cm

Wall painting of a "Park landscape with basket of flowers and fountain", 60 x 35 cm

Their narrow portrait format instils a great sense of depth into these two landscape paintings after works by French artist Charles Dugasseau (1812-1885). It is a format that heightens the tension between profuse still life arrangements in the foreground and park landscapes extending back to the horizon. The colouring of vibrantly and boldly rendered fruit combines with a rather more pastel scheme for the landscapes in the background to conjure up a mixture of tranquillity and the joys of summer. Meissen artist Steffen Mikosch has succeeded marvellously well in reproducing Dugasseau's brushlines on porcelain - a particularly challenging "canvas" - and in interpreting the Frenchman's works without erasing their identity. The two paintings are suitably ennobled by means of frames enriched with gilded texturing.

A huge basket overflowing with roses, hollyhock, lilies, peony, gladioli and anemone dominates the centre of the picture in the foreground. Flowering lilac bushes cascade over a wall surmounted by an amphora that serves as a counterpart to the park stretching out into the background. In the middle of the latter a cooling jet of water shoots out of a fountain. Rays of sun filtering through the dense foliage project magic pools of reflected light onto the masonry, in the process making a true masterpiece of a richly detailed painting applied to porcelain with the finest of brushwork.

SKU: 933584-9MA52-1
Weight: 8400 g
Limited to 15 pieces.

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