Wall painting, Peony flowers, sign. Limited Masterpieces, lim., 45 x 45 cm

Wall painting, Peony flowers, sign. Limited Masterpieces, lim., 45 x 45 cm

The painter Otto Eduard Gottfried Voigt (1870-1949) committed delicate Chinese tree peonies to a MEISSEN® wall plate in the 1920s. They are regarded as a symbol of wealth and happiness in Chinese culture, whilst in Japan they are also ciphers for the lives of the emperors. There was a time when peonies were so costly that only the aristocracy could adorn their gardens with them. The artist may in the first instance have been intent on authentically mirroring the flowers as they open up. Voigt created numerous art nouveau and flower patterns for MEISSEN® from the period of transition to the 20th century onwards - a major artistic challenge when the painting is done in high-fire or underglaze colours. Unlike the gouache technique he adopts when drafting his designs, each brush-stroke has to be perfect, as the paint immediately sinks deep into the ceramic body and cannot be gone over. In his re-interpretation of the motif, our porcelain painter Horst Bretschneider first engraved the floral shapes into the unfired porcelain. This gives the picture a delightfully structured finish. Additional chromatic highlights in overglaze enamels imbue it with a very distinctive magic that, luckily, will neither pale nor wither nor pass away.

SKU: 932A84-9M015-1
Weight: 1170 g
Limited to 25 pieces.

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