Wall plaque "Anne", 53 x 36 cm

Wall plaque "Anne", 53 x 36 cm

Life has a way of foisting them upon us – fateful encounters in which joy and sorrow collide, encounters that can either be our undoing or make us stronger. Dramatic feelings, emotional chaos, lurching between deep despair and unimagined happiness. The dividing line between joy and sorrow is a thin one, it is said. Poets turn their sentiments into poetry whilst painters articulate themselves through their art.

Our painter had just one such moment when, completely out of the blue, he first met his granddaughter Anne, daughter of his deceased son Klaus. A few weeks later, he captured the stirring emotions that both were gripped by in “Anne”: the picture came about spontaneously, its creator still moved by the encounter with this young woman through the agency of whom his beloved son lives on. Werner possesses the ability to pick out the essence of a motif within seconds. The pretty young face, smiling gently, and yet with eyes that are full of contemplation and melancholy, looking at nothing in particular. It is a moving and very intimate moment that the artist shares with us. 

SKU: 935213-9M234-1
Weight: 5800 g
Limited to 25 pieces.

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