Wall Plaque "Camellia", 42 x 55 cm

Wall Plaque "Camellia", 42 x 55 cm

“The lady of the Camellias” by Alexander Dumas saw the “Camellia japonica” plant experience a heyday in the 19th century, no doubt largely due to the book’s tragi-erotic symbolism. The camellia had been on a long journey before then, though. A scholar by the name of Carl PeterThunberg brought four specimens back with him from Japan in 1779 and took them to the Royal Botanical Gardens in the London suburb of Kew. One of these camellias is said to have been presented to the court in Dresden – a right royal gift in those days. It was planted in the palace grounds at Pillnitz in 1801. The Pillnitz camellia is considered to be one of the eldest of its kind in Europe, alongside specimens in Porto and Naples. It is 90 feet high and, to the great delight of an appreciative public, bears up to 35,000 carminered flowers each year. Superbly painted within a generous gilt frame in this modern composition, these camellias have an intense allure that never ceases to captivate.
SKU: 932222-9M538-1
Weight: 9900 g
Limited to 25 pieces.

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